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Motomuck Squirter ProMax
Motomuck Squirter ProMax
Motomuck Squirter ProMax

Motomuck Squirter ProMax

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Attach this squirter directly to any of our 1 gallon bottles to make application easier.

Motomuck Squirter ProMax is a powerful trigger system that attaches directly to our 1 gallon products. The extension tube allows you to place the product bottle on the ground while trying to spray in those hard to get spaces, including spraying upside down with no loss of liquid flow. ProMax is so powerful it allows you to apply product with ease from a distance away, with minimal effort.

  • Powerful 3cc pump
  • Comfortable grip handle with large three finger trigger
  • Fully adjustable nozzle from mist to stream
  • Filter end to prevent debris ingress
  • Highest quality components
  • No effort product

Step one

  • Uncoil tube in hot water to make squirter more manageable.

Step two

  • Remove cap from bottle.

Step three

  • Ensure squirter is long enough to reach bottom of motomuck container and attach new cap.

Step four

  • Open nozzle. Squirt away. Adjust spray by turning nozzle.

NOTE: If squirter is not spraying properly check strainer is clean and remove nozzle to check for debris.