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How to properly use Motomuck products

If your new to Motomuck products, or you just want a bit more information on how to properly use our products, we have created a more in depth step by step guide below!


Before jumping straight into the how to, some IMPORTANT INFORMATION that you should know about before using our product is that in some instances you will not achieve the perfect result on first use. Motomuck is a product that works with itself and for itself on surfaces meaning there are simple reasons as to why you might not be achieving the results you would like first time.

Motomuck products work by themselves:

If you have previously been using other products on your vehicle, bike or desired object to clean, some other products leave a residue on the surface that Motomuck has to remove as well as dirt, dust, oil or grime. i.e silicons which are very difficult products to remove. 

 Your vehicle or bike may have too much build up:

This is normally the number 1 reason your Motomuck product may not achieve the perfect results first time round. If you haven't washed your vehicle, bike or desired object in a very long time, the build up of dirt, dust, oil, or grime could very much be present. To assist Motomuck on its first use if there is huge build up, using a brush or wash mitt will help both the Motomuck product and your vehicle to create great results. After the first or second time using the product, the cleaning process just becomes easier from then on out! 


1. No prep, just spray!

What's so great about our products is that there is no mixing or measuring needed to be done before use!  Spray your chosen Motomuck product directly onto the surface of your dirty vehicle, bike or desired object. For the best results we suggest spraying it onto a dry surface (less work too!) as some people may naturally spray water first to get most of the dirt off. If you have hosed off excess dirt, then just let it drip dry for a couple minutes before applying Motomuck Cleaners.

For an even quicker job you can use a foam gun to evenly distribute the product and its so fast! Remember though that the Foam Gun hugely dilutes the Motomuck, so only use it once you have washed the vehicle at full concentrate or 50/50 a couple of times.

*If you have build up or residue on the surface as we mentioned above, using a brush or mitt on your vehicle, bike or desired object while applying Motomuck is advised to remove these things*

2. Wait...

Leave the Motomuck product to do its work for around 5-10 minutes

3. Hose off!

Rinse off your Motomuck product with water, some pressure is needed but a high pressure hose is not a requirement. However for the best results use a high pressure hose if you have one! 


We hope this has given you some extra knowledge on how to properly use Motomuck products. However be sure to check out the 'Description' of certain products in the catalog section of the website for more personalised description of use for each product.

Happy washing!